Friday, 1 October 2010

About Me

I’m an eclectic person and have too many interests to count. Art for me is about living artfully & it flows through everything I do. From simple everyday joys of cooking, decorating or designing gardens…art is in everything I do. Creating anything that I’ve put thought & care into brings me joy. Thinking outside the box excites me. Challenges & deadlines are wonderful in that they actually make me finish a project, as opposed to it sitting in limbo, forever being judged & scrutinized about what can be added next.

I collect anything that I think is interesting from bottle caps to bones. Anything that I think can be reused or redefined in a project is subject to inspection & storage for possible future use. I don’t know what the attraction is, I just know in my heart that I like it & have learned to trust in that fact alone.

Life is a journey of experiences and my art is a reflection of my journey. I have no formal art training, I just DO, & move through my projects intuitively with love & care.