Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ferrero Cameo

The GOE group quarterly challenge this quarter was issued by myself. I wanted to do something that the group had never done, yet something that is growing in popularity, so I chose Steampunk. I haven't seen the submissions yet because the reveal is Wednesday night. So please visit the GOE site next week to see what everyone has submitted. This was quite the challenge for me. I had many ideas but it's very difficult to execute many of them. I have a book of antique posters and I remembered one in particular that I really liked and decided to do my fibre Steampunk rendition of Mucha's Bysantine head. The hair colour & curls remind me of my eldest daughter, so naturally I loved it from the beginning. I never thought that I would be doing it Steampunk style but I think it works.
Ferrero Cameo

I wanted the background to be a little mystical, so I chose a fabric that I purchased while on vacation with a good friend. My son gave me some of his bicycle gears. There was motorcycle chain collected from a business close by to my husbands work. The watch parts were in my stash and had been collected for quite some time. When I was close to being done I needed to think of how I would frame the piece. Once again, it was my son that suggested something like a cut foil frame. So that made me think of the Ferrero Rocher chocolate wrappers that were collected over Christmas. I tore them into pieces so that I would get an interesting reflection and glued them down to a panel that my husband had cut out for me.
I really like this piece and loved the process from start to finish.