Monday, 21 October 2013

Studio Tour

Fall is all about studio tours and this is the first time that I've ever gone on one. As something different I asked my parents to meet us in Guelph  for the Guelph Studio Tour 2013, and we'd select some of the artists to visit.
We had a fantastic time. What a great way to get some inspiration. I actually didn't sleep on Saturday night and both my husband and I, came home & went right into our studios. A few hours cleaning up so we could get started on our next projects.
I fell in love with Catherine Mambourg's work with jewelry. On her site she has a gallery & the items I feel in love with were in her gallery section totem2toe. She works with real bone. WOW...I've been collecting bones and vertebrae for quite some time...did this ever strike a cord with me.
Our second stop was Patti Collins studio/home. Her site doesn't do her justice as it's not updated often. Her acrylic, fibre, lights...all were fantastic. Her art flowed through everything in her home and we even got to see her garden. She really touched my soul.
I saw a few encaustic artists and of course this is my medium of choice. I love everything about encaustic. Deborah Dryden's work is breath taking and I couldn't get enough. I've been collecting bugs for a while and someone told me that the was is too tough on the wings and that it wouldn't work...well Deborah had a couple of pieces with wings in them. So guess CAN be done.