Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Number 9 Behind

Summer is definitely over. The bees are put to bed and the building is almost complete, so it's time to get back to the studio.

I've been working on a project that just hasn't worked out and with a new deadline looming I needed to come up with a project that was satisfying. Once again I was trying to make my mind work on something that just wasn't the right time. I guess some artists can do that but I'm driven by where my mind takes me & this time it just kept coming back to felting.

The subject for the Group of Eight challenge was "behind". I can't tell you how hard I found this subject. Nothing was coming to me except Michael Angelo's 'David' and how beautiful his ass is. I was going to construct that ass but decided it might be too daring for a group challenge. 

I had some alpaca that I got from a friend and it's been calling to me to do something with it. I also had watch parts that came from another friend. Soooo I felted the alpaca background, added the watch parts and a random strand that my daughter made while trying to spin the alpaca. It was her first time spinning and I fell in love with how random it ended up. We joke that when she gets better with the spinning that I won't end up with this kind of artful tidbits to add to my projects.

"Number 9 Behind" is significant because I've always considered myself number 9 in the Group of Eight and Behind, because of the subject as well as how far Behind, I actually was in completing this project.