Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Baby Blankie

I made this little quilt  from a workshop the Group of Eight hosted. Thanks to Linda Kittmer I was able to do a small quilt for my Grand-baby to come. My quilting days are over. I really have no desire to make them any more. I know that my years of quilting have left me knowing that I love making the quilt tops...hate the quilting part. Therefore, I have a surplus of quilts that need to be need to have another. 

Jesika and I selected the flannel fabric together. It turns out that this little quilt is very heavy because of the layering and cutting method used. I think it would be better to be used as a quilt play mat rather than an actual quilt. I believe this quilt was completed in November 2015.

This is Fern Leah Hughes Deahl at five months old. She was born January 13, 2016.