Monday, 21 November 2011

Surface Design, Round 2

Well this weekend wasn't very productive in the studio...which is a little bit of a downer. To have so little time and then not actually finish anything is a little disappointing. But on the up side....The Surface Design Tribe started round 2. Such great ideas were presented. We had everything from Artist Trading Card size to a large wallhanging. The challenge is to segregate your design into 12 parts and to complete one section to start the ball rolling. I'm doing a guitar body. So I broke it up into 12 parts at random and did my little block. I ment to take a picture prior to it going on to the next tribe member but I forgot. I even had my camera. Oh well...what is one to do. We have to complete our section within 2 weeks and then pass it on again. We should be done by the beginning of April.

I started creating a mixed media piece on paper but the molding paste takes time to dry and that's why I never got anything finished. While it was drying I was working on a quilt for my husband but nothing great guns. It's a slow process.