Thursday, 5 January 2012

Creative Embellishments

This was the beginning of play. Needle nose Pliers, fun foam and a stamp. I cut the fun foam into a circle shape but I didn't like how the edges looked so I pulled with the pliers until I had the ruff looking edges that I wanted.
Then I heated the fun foam with my heat gun and embossed it with the wooden stamp.
Added a little paint.
Painted the ATC as well for a background.
Then I added some thread goo to one and a background of painted and melted dryer sheet to the other.
Then I thought that adding some of those spare pounded copper pennies to the centre would add some interest &voila some ATC's ready to swap.
The idea for the medallions of fun foam came from the book Creative Embellishments by Sherrill Kahn. I saw the book at a friends house and just fell in love with the way this artist made her pieces glow with paint. I'm just starting to paint so I have just never seen such beauty and certainly didn't know how to create that look. So I thought that I would give a section of the book a try. I can't wait to try the air dry clay section. If you're interested in pimping up your  art work, this is the creative book for you. Just a beginning but I really like the outcome. I really hope you give it a try if you haven't already.