Thursday, 5 January 2012

Holiday in the Studio

 These are pics of the surface design challenge that I had to add to. This abstract design was very difficult for me. The previous sections were so bright and busy that I though that it needed something in a different colour as well as something a little less patterned. I started out with the purple fabric and appliqued an orange & black stripe down the center of the section. While having a conversation during the day with a friend she suggested the possibility of using my embellishment machine to add some wool rovings. My first comment was...I just don't have anything in those bright colours. Well...I did. I wrapped 3 different yarns together, a green, orange and vibrant blue and then put them randomly under the embellisher. The section seems dark along with the other sections but there are eight more people to add to the challenge before it will be complete. So it will probably all work in the end.