Sunday, 5 February 2012

Surface Design

The top image is my block submitted for the surface design round robin. I painted canvas with burnt orange Lumiere, laid a dryer sheet that had been painted with turquoise Lumiere and heated to melt and burn holes in it. Then I laid copper sequin waste over that and topped it off with a painted & embossed foam medallion. For the finish a bead made from painted & melted tyvek will be hung so that it will give the impression of a door knocker.
I've been working in the studio since 6:15 am this morning. It started with my beading Poppy Cock...which is in the beading stage and will probably be awhile until it's completely finished.  Then I stopped to work on the above surface design and while it was drying I worked on my Steampunk challenge that's due in...OMG...a month. I didn't sleep last night because I was so stressed at realizing that I only have a month left. So I worked on it for a majority of the day. I seem to be clinging to the wire on all my due dates and that is just not leaving me feeling very comfortable.