Sunday, 19 February 2012

Surface Design Semi Reveal

Yesterday was Semi Reveal day. Everyone brought the designs and we were able to refresh and get excited about the progress. Now remember this is a Round Robin Surface Design, so we have two weeks where the project is with us in order to complete a section. So in two weeks, whether you're complete or not, the project must move on to the next person in order for them to get sufficient time to work on their section. Some sections can go together very quickly and others will take longer to complete. It all depends on what artist design you decide to do on the section. I found that sometimes ideas came quickly and then others were really cutting it to the deadline before something came to mind. I think that two weeks is just a little too quick for me. I'd like to have about a three week time frame. I have a lot of interests, work and family and other groups that I belong to, so the stress for turning them out in two weeks was just a bit overwhelming for me. I am learning to work faster so that's a definite bonus. I just don't have the time to over-think anything and that's a really good lesson. Sometimes we can over-think something to the point were it seems as though it never gets done. But if you have a timeline...there is no time to pussy foot around. Just "get her done", has to be the mind set of the studio when working on these projects.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.