Sunday, 19 February 2012

Winter Twilight by Sheree Schlote

Sheree Schlote is a fibre artist that I've been secretly stalking since her beginning years at The Brampton Quilters Guild. Those wonderful pieces that you just have to get your nose up to and investigate who did them...well that was me years ago when I looked at Sheree's work. I just had to meet this person because her work was phenomenal. A few years ago I joined a sewing group that Sheree was a member of and slowly I worked up the courage to ask her for a tutorial on using organza. It was a bold move but I just had to know how she did what she did. To my great surprise, she opened her home and spent the day showing me a technique she learned from a course she took. It was the beginning of my use of organza. Some people's art elevate you and just make you want to do better and for me Sheree is one of those people.