Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Out of the Bowels of the Unknown Basket

While I was cleaning up the studio after the last surface design submission, I found my sheet protector bits all over my desk. I just loved this long piece that wasn't painted but I didn't know what to do with it. So I gathered them all & put them all neat in a zipped baggie and dropped them into the unknown basket. This is where I keep every juicy little bit of want-a-Be's. I noticed a left over bit of tissue on canvas that had been painted with a rustic red and then it began. The sheet protector bit came out and was promptly painted metallic blue. I cut an ATC out of the tissue canvas and anchored the design with stitch for interest and finally a long awaited maiden try with the Angelina fibers for a backdrop. I was just chin wagging with a group of friends a few weeks ago about all this STUFF that we have in our studios that have never been used. We have to have them but they sit waiting for the day they will be honored. Well that's what was happening to my Angelina fibers. I have bags of the stuff. Not the little tiny bags that you buy now but the original large packages you could buy relatively cheap when it first came about. Now you just get what I call...teaser packs. Nothing you can do a grand amount of work with, just enough to have you needing to go back to the store. After the fiber, I mounted the sheet protector and scuffed it with some metallic gold off my finger.

Stitched to anchor the ATC

Added Angelina Fiber

Painted & melted sheet protector