Monday, 23 April 2012

Surface Design Continued

This is another section of the 2nd Surface Design Challenge. I started off with a piece of wool from my stash and started painting it. I painted this fabric before and just love the texture I get. I also love the green that I get because the background is dark. I used Lumiere paints again...which I really like at the moment.

 Then I textured it a little with sequin waste and Citrine Lumiere.
 I added some Burnt Orange along with some Pearl X powder and paint. I started second guessing myself and thought...oh why did you add the burnt orange. But my husband encouraged me to continue and so I did.

I added freestyle flowers in Grape Lumiere and Pearl X powder to give it a little glow. I forgot to get an overall picture of the project but the green, orange, hint of blue and flowers were already a theme in some of the other blocks and I was working to continue the overall composition. The black outline was done with dimensional fabric paint. Again to complement another block that had a thick black outline on the flowers. I really like the way the fabric glistens but the picture doesn't capture that detail.