Sunday, 17 June 2012

Teenage Head

I had fun making this piece a couple of weeks ago. I was a little nervous about it so I just left it in the studio for a bit. After a weekend barbeque, I've been encouraged to post it on my blog. I've been collecting computer parts for months because I just love the colours and the shine. I know very little about computers but it's been fun developing ideas. My family  has been helping me collect pieces and I really loved this one that my son brought home. I put it on top of the pile because I just knew I had to use it in something. My husband brought home the copper wire that was like a ball of hair actually, it was so fine. The copper mesh was from my father. It's actually slug netting and he uses it in some of his floral designs. Too beautiful for slugs if you ask us. Then I added the Moosehead bottle cap and dissected cell phone parts...from a moment of teenage rage.

I started with a board that I painted with a copper oil stick. Then I coated the board with encaustic wax.  I then layered a painted and distressed dryer sheet on top of the board and built the design with the bits I had around my studio.