Monday, 16 July 2012

Bee Mania

Hello Everyone. What a busy weekend. We have the bees!!!!
It was sooo hot, I thought that I would turn to liquid on the spot. Just think, you're fully clothed...then you add a full heavy canvas suit on top...rubber boots and leather gloves. I think it was a little overkill but what the heck...we had no idea what would happen. After the bees were installed we took the suits off and walked the property for quite some time..just to make sure they were doing alright before we left. We did notice that the bees were try to cool the hive down so later we came back with a top hive and a sugar water feeder. We figured that the top hive would help cool it down a little. The next day we went back and all seemed to be doing well. All I can say is it's fascinating watching the bees. They're very docile and really not a threat at all. We all just wanted to sit in chairs a watch them for a while...but it was too hot.
Here's Appleman is his bee jacket. The bees are in the cardboard box on top of the hive while we get the smoker and the suits on. Of course this was all new for us so we thought it best to use the suits. It was extremely hot and about 1:00pm in the afternoon.

ok...we're going in.

Husband and daughter going slowly transferring the bees into their new home.

There are four frames in each box consisting of approximately 11, 000 bees.

Once all the frames are moved over, the remaining bees in the box are shaken out over the hive.

Box is now empty.

One hive complete and now for the second hive. My daughter and significant other are going to install their bees.

A little smoke to calm them down.

Once again, the delicate process of moving the bees from the nuc to the permanent home.