Monday, 2 July 2012

Colourful Bee Hives

 As I's been a very busy weekend. It started off with us picking up our new bee hives. My eldest daughter & my husband have been researching about hives since we bought the property about a month ago. So here they are in the raw wood stage. We had to paint the outside of them & the young lady we bought them from is completely organic and all her hives are funky colours. So of course this was really exciting for me. We picked up paint on the way home. At the paint store they have custom paint that was maybe mixed wrong or never picked up. So we chose our colours from that and got them at a reduced price. The top is tin waste from a local newspaper print shop. Again...just perfect...mixed media!!

 I'll show pictures after they have been installed on the property. We have a couple of weeks and then our bees will be ready to pick up. All very exciting for us....well...some of us.