Monday, 15 October 2012

GOE Challenge Publication Ban

Well everyone, I've been working on my quarterly Group of Eight (GOE) challenge. This quarterly was the theme "Water" from the Threadworks Call for Entry 2013. I even took my project to Istanbul with me on holiday in order to finish for the deadline....then the GOE group decided that there would be a publication ban on the finished works because it's juried. So I've been working on it for months & I can't even show a picture. I'm new to this whole juried thing so I never guessed that it could present a problem. I understand very clearly now. In order to not compromise the entries there can't be any previous hint at it possibly being seen. Makes complete sense...and I guess I'm very lucky that I didn't post a picture prior to the meeting. Usually I do but because I've been so busy on the weekends with guests...I just didn't have the time.
So it looks like you'll all just have to wait until April 2013, after all the submissions are either accepted or denied. That's right...I have to keep it under cover until April 2013.