Monday, 13 May 2013

Don't Be Koi

This project was in the works over a very long time frame. I started off with a very traditional background as the layout for the water. I had a vision of koi fish in a pond & I wanted them to be hiding under the shade of an overhanging branch. But I didn't know how to do the 3D element of the branch so it was pinned to my board for quite some time. Then the GOE group decided that we would use our quarterly challenge as entries for the then, upcoming Threadworks challenge "Water".

I had another idea for what I wanted to enter for the water challenge but nothing was coming out right. So due to lack of time, I pulled my water background down & just got down to business finishing my Koi piece. The branch was made using a wire hanger covered in scrap strips. Then I started making the leaves for the dimensional element. Once I knew the layout of the branch I stitched down my koi, quilted & then beaded the background & fish.
This quilt followed me to Istanbul in order for me to finish it for the deadline. The GOE group decided that it was best not to post our finished pieces until after we knew if they had been accepted or rejected from the Threadworks show. I decided not to enter my piece for the show but I didn't post it anyways. The show is now on and I'm told that it's fantastic. Some of the GOE members had their pieces accepted.