Sunday, 9 June 2013

Second Kick at the Camel

 I've been having trouble with a piece that I've been working on for months. Actually 7 months. Seems crazy but that's part of the process. I've been mentally blocked at the camel that I wanted to put on my piece. I've tried many times & ended up with something that looked more like a horses @$$. I didn't have the right colour fabric & I've been too busy to think about shopping for more. I talked to Annie about it when she visited last week & she said that I should dye it. I'm really not ready for that process so I figured I would use my water colour pencils & see what happened. So you're looking at the fabric that I started with. If you're interested, check out the process.

I wanted the Camel to reflect the colours in the piece So I used magenta, blue, brown & black.

Then I added organza to reflect light and add a little more texture. When completely finished the camel with have a saddle...but that will have to follow another day.