Monday, 19 August 2013

More Loot

Every month my husband attends a Saturday meeting in Cambridge. These meetings usually entail me tagging along & shopping for books, beads, fabric & art supplies. This is because Cambridge has a fabulous bead store & on the drive home we drive through Guelph. There's a fabulous quilt store as well as an art store & antique's...just the perfect drive. This is of course not so great for the wallet & seeing that we've been spending quite a lot of money fixing cars lately, I was going to humbly stay home & enjoy beading in my studio. This did not happen. At the last minute Chris advised he was going to pick up something in Hamilton & wanted me to tag along. Well that got the juices flowing & of course...cha ching. I stopped at the bead store, because I need beads like a hole in the head & then we stopped at the art store.

I have a terrible time mixing colours. I much prefer just buying the colour I want. The staff at the art store are very knowledgeable & helpful...which of course leads me to buy every time. At the checkout I was given a tube of Torrit Grey, this is a collection of all the waste pigment caught in the air filtration system. Rather than sending it off to land fill, they give it away. The colour is not consistent and if you're interested, just click on the link.