Monday, 13 January 2014

Alpaca Love

A while ago I bought some spun alpaca from a friend that is lucky enough to own 13 wonderful alpacas. She made a wonderful cat bed and I fell in love with the finished felted bowl she made. So I just asked her to sell me enough so that I could make my own bowl.
I tried to crochet but I wasn't remembering it quite as easily as I thought I would...nothing like riding a bike. I couldn't seem to pick it up so I asked Jesika to knit me the bowl.

She finished it just before Christmas & we felted it together in the kitchen sink. I guess I should cut the tail off...

I wanted it to be an offering bowl. When I'm over at the property I find little treasures that nature has to offer & I've been collecting them and stashing them all over the studio. Anything from feathers to bugs to bones. So when I was cleaning the studio the other day...I collected some of the items for my Offering Bowl.