Saturday, 1 October 2011

Quilting Arts inspiration

Recently there was a free download from Quilting Arts, "Essential Embroidery Stitches" and section #4 was particularly interesting for me. Section #4 'Reverse Applique & Bobbin Embroidery with a twist' by Yvonne Brown. She uses tissue and cloth to get the most amazing texture as a backdrop to reverse applique. I didn't have all the supplies in order to do the applique but I knew I had the materials to do the background. I had an afternoon of play and created one sample and one piece that I'm still thinking of adding a little bit of red to...I'm still contemplating where to add the it's possibly unfinished.

In the first sample I took canvas and painted both sides with simple, watered down white glue.
Then I added the white tissue paper and painted it down with more of the watered down glue. While it was still wet, I painted it with Lumiere Halo blue gold paint. According to the article I was supposed to let it dry for 24 hours...but I'm really impatient and wanted to take it that night to one of my quilting I put it in my food dehydrator and voila it was dry very quickly.

Sample #2 was started with canvas. I painted both sides with the watered down glue and then I inked it. Once the ink was desirable, I added dried flowers from my garden and seeds that were no longer germinating. Then the tissue layer was added, painted with the watered down glue. I then put it in the food dehydrator for it to dry. I didn't like the tissue being too white so I rubbed ink over the tissue where I thought it was too white. I then burnt the edges and painted Dorland's wax medium over the tissue. Dorland's is a wax, like encaustic, that can be used cold and then heated.